MOSSwall® Fusion

A New Perspective on Urban Nature

The MOSSwall® Fusion system represents a fascinating evolution of the MOSSwall® line. This innovative solution combines the natural beauty of lichen with the biodiversity of the undergrowth, creating an unprecedented experience for integrating nature into the urban environment.

MOSSwall® Fusion is the result of a careful study of the biodiversity of the undergrowth, where the lichen used in its creation originates. The careful selection of the best plant species has resulted in the creation of an extraordinary finish, MOSSwall® Fusion, which is characterised by its lushness and wildness. This new vision offers the ideal solution to bring the atmosphere of the typical undergrowth into the urban framework, allowing people to connect with nature directly from home or the office. MOSSwall® Fusion a combination of three different lichen species, expanding the basic concept of MOSSwall®.

Components and Technical Features of MOSSwall® Fusion

MOSSwall® Fusion includes three different species of stabilized lichen, each with unique characteristics and a range of color shades. This multiple composition gives the product a variety of nuances and an unparalleled visual depth, creating a unique chromatic experience.

The patented technology by Verde Profilo allows for the easy creation of captivating natural wall coverings while maintaining completely natural colors. Due to the use of stabilized lichens, MOSSwall® Fusion is maintenance, light and water free.

Thanks to the combination of stabilized lichen, MOSSwall® Fusion requires no maintenance, light, or water. It does not grow and, therefore, does not require pruning. It's the ideal choice for creating green walls or moss-based design compositions without concerns about plant care.

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